WMFF Club Meeting on MONDAY October 19 at the Elks Club in Ludlow MA

The Bill Rose Memorial Fly-Fishing Clinic is Saturday, Oct. 17, 9 a.m. – 1:00 p.m..
Location: Route 20 in Huntington, in scenic turnout across from Huntington Health Center. Click here for more information.


146 Old Enfield Road, Belchertown, MA 01007

MONDAY October 19, 2020 Meeting Notice!

We will hold our October meeting at 7:00 pm at the Ludlow Elks Club, 69 Chapin Street in Ludlow MA. We look forward to seeing you at the meeting and always appreciate your support.  Fly tying demo around 630.

Meeting Minutes:

  • Treasurer’s report is available at the meeting.  See Don Vacon.
  • Our new club bylaws/Standard Rules are almost ready!  Our president and secretary need to sign the co[pies and will have them for distribution at the meeting.
  • Thank you in advance to all our members who made it out to the Westfield River Watershed Assoc. Fly Fishing Clinic in Honor of Bill Rose, our past President.
  • The COVID Flu has thrown everyone off their regular schedules.  If by some chance you have forgotten to make your current dues payment, (several members) you will be in Good Standing when you make payment. We appreciate your support for our club.
  • For those that have not attended our cookout in August and the outdoor meeting in September, WE MISSED YOU!  Good food and Dan tied a unique local fly.  Guaranteed to catch the Big One!  If you want more info on it, please talk to Dan!
  • Manny Thanks you all for the support during his challenge with his medical issue.  He is doing better and plans to be at this meeting.

Fly Tying Demo:

Dan will be demonstrating the following fly’s at our meeting on Monday night beginning before the scheduled meeting.  As always, THANK YOU DAN for all your amazing support.

Hook- size 1 bass hook 
Thread- 6/0 black uni
Tail_- Black rabbit strip
Body – Black cross cut rabbit strip
Top: 2 mm black foam cut to shape
ED STORY’S CRACKLE-BACK (a pattern for the Swift during the sulfur hatch)
Hook- standard dry 14-18
Thread –  yellow or your choice
Body- yellow dub, with 2 strands of peacock herl ,  ribbed with a bleached grizzly hackle. Colors can vary
Hook- standard dry 14-18
Thread- camel uni 8/0
Abdomen- thread ribbed with 1 strand of  pearl krystal flash, coated with UV resin
Thorax Peacock SLF dubbing
Down wing – dun zelon or antron
Up wing elk body hair
Hackle = blue dun

Guest Speaker:  None scheduled but if you know anyone who is interested please call Gil

Field Notes From Our Local Fly Fishers:   Fall stocking is in progress throughout Western Mass. 


First Fall Meeting

Club Meeting Thursday September 17, 2020

6:30 at the Elks Club Ludlow

Message from our President Harold Norman:

We hope that all our members, their friends and families are in good health after all that has been experienced in our country and parts of the world for the past several months.  For those members who have friends and families that were taken ill or suffered a loss of a dear one, our hearts and prayers are with you and your loved ones.  Please know that this pandemic has impacted us all in some way shape or form.  As a minimum, I miss gathering at our meetings and the experience of sharing our passion for the fly tying/fly fishing hobby/profession.  If there is one lesson that this pandemic has taught us is; to NOT take things for granted as if we expect everything to happen the way we want, or because that is the way it’s always been, or we have always done things or expect things to take place.  Life is short, sometimes unfair, and definitely complicated!  Please stay safe, stay healthy, and stay tuned for information on our upcoming meeting in Sept.  (I hope).  Also, since our membership is comprised of many members with seniority, please take time out to touch base with a couple of our members/friends during this summer.  In fact, when you get the chance please give Manny DaSilva a telephone call at 413-283-2915, he could use a few encouraging words during his fight with cancer. 

Well it has been several weeks since this notice was initiated and now we are in Phase 2.5 of this crazy Corona Virus pandemic.  I hope we are moving toward some normalcy soon.  I will be contacting the Elks Club in the next few weeks to see when they plan on opening and based on that information, we will get the word out to you ASAP.  We hope that by the third Monday in September (21) we will hold our first meeting since January!

We will send out our usual Meeting Notice before the meeting with all the meeting info.  Until then, please stay safe and get out there and enjoy our summer.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please email me at, call me at 603-305-5301, or snail mail at the address listed above.  My Face-Book and Messenger accounts are shut down due to a hacking problem so you won’t find me there.

Guest Speaker: Dan Trela Dan will be tying the Teco Bug

Field Notes From Our Local Fly Fishers:

The shutdown of our country has really impacted the activity on the Swift River!  I have never seen the Route 9 bridge area with so many cars that there were NO parking spots in the lot, the field across the street, route 9, the pumping station and the side trail to the Y-pool!  Poor trout don’t stand a chance!


No Club Meetings Until September 21, 2020

Due to the affect and impact of the current Corona Virus epidemic, we along with many other groups and organizations cannot gather in large groups until the state revises their group meeting restrictions.  We will stay tuned for any changes to these restrictions and notify all the members when things begin to get back to normal.

Due to these circumstances, our April and May meetings and our cookout are all cancelled.  I will miss enjoying our outing and I miss our meetings as well.  Just another lesson for me NOT to take things for granted because we never know when they will be gone!

Membership status:  Normally we all renew our club memberships in March, usually at the March EXPO.  Due to the current situation, all memberships are in the GRACE period.  No one will lose their membership.  If you want to send your dues by mail, the address 146 Old Enfield Road, Belchertown, MA 01007.  If you want to wait until we meet again, that should be fine as well but the decision/agreement has to be made by the Board Of Directors.

Our President (Harold), wishes everyone a great summer, and looks forward to gathering together in September.

Please be careful and mindful of your environment whenever you are in a public place, and do stay safe.

He also recommends fly fishing as a great therapy for times of stress and anxiety!  I feel better just thinking about it!  Thanks Harold.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please email me at, call me at 603-305-5301, or snail mail at the address listed above.  I have shut down my Face-Book and Messenger accounts due to a hacking problem so you won’t find me there.

Best regards,

Gil DaCosta

Harry Potter was spotted at the Scantic river in Enfield. He put quite the spell on this rainbow!

**Postponed** March 16, 2020

**The Fly Fishing Expo is postponed for now**

Take advantage of the fly tying recipes and content on our site to prepare for the season and we will see you next year!


Meeting Notice: February 17, 2020

We will conduct our February meeting at 7:00 pm right after the Fly Tying Demo, at the Ludlow Elks Club, 69 Chapin Street in Ludlow MA.  Hope you had a chance to drop in on the Fly Tying Classes on Thursday nights!


January Guest Speaker: Kate Abbott will give an informative presentation on River Restoration Through Dam Removal.

We will conduct our January 20th meeting at 7:00 pm right after the Fly Tying Demo, at the Ludlow Elks Club, 69 Chapin Street in Ludlow MA.  Hope you all had a great Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Holiday Season!

Kate Abbott speaking at the January meeting.
Classes Meetings

Meeting: December 16, 2019

We will conduct our December meeting at 7:00 pm right after the Fly Tying Demo, at the Ludlow Elks Club, 69 Chapin Street in Ludlow MA. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and enjoy this “Holiday” Season!


2019-2020 Meeting Schedule

Join us for our regular meetings!

When: 3rd Monday of the month

When: 7 pm

WhereElks Lodge 69 Chapin St., Ludlow, MA 01056

Monthly Meeting Agenda includes:

Fly tying demonstration by Dan Trela
Short Business Meeting
Speaker TBA
Large Raffle