Fly Tying Class -2022

Graduating members of the 2022 fly tying class. From the left: Warren Snyder, Len Groeneveld, Steve McKenna, Tony Milne, Bob Milne, Chaz Cybulski, Ben Lenza, Renee Lagacy, Maureen LaFrancis, Jaxon Flynn, Mike Mathews, Logan Baldwin, and Brian Baldwin.

Manny DaSilva head fly tying instructor is seated in front.

Missing students: Bill Donnelly, Tony Silva, Madison Dudley, Kevin Dudley, Terry Hooker, John LaFrancis, and Ronald Soloio
Jaxon Flynn assisting his grandmother Maureen LaFrancis
Members of the class applying material to the hook during the class.
Dennis Dube´ looking on as Regina Frydryk applies material to her fly. To her left is Dan Frydryk.
Volunteers from the left Gil DaCosta, Dennis Dube´ and Dan Trela
The class looking at the completed “Grey Ghost” fly.
Elk hair caddis on the screen. Joseph Berkowicz in picture frame, Manny DaSilva’s mentor.
Special thanks to the volunteers who assisted with the class.
From the left Tom Panaccione, John LaFrancis, Dennis Dube´, Dan Trela, Harold Norman, and Gil DaCosta. In front Manny DaSilva head fly tying instructor . Missing helper Peter Jezouit.
Woolly Worm
Woolly Bugger
Grey Hackle
March Brown Nymph
Leadwing Coachman
March Brown Wet Fly
Gold Ribbed Hares Ear
Tellico Nymph
Deer Hair Nymph
Muddler Minnow
Mickey Finn
Grey Ghost
Black Ghost
Elk Hair Caddis
March Brown Dry