Monday January 16, 2023, Meeting Notice

7 Fox Hill Dr., Wilbraham, MA. 413 579 1994

Welcome to 2023 I hope everyone is well and have survived the Holiday’s. WMFF is ready to start the 2023 season.

We will conduct our January meeting at 7:00 pm right after the Fly-Tying Demo, at the Ludlow Elks Club, 69 Chapin Street in Ludlow MA.

January’s guest speaker will be Brian Comfort of the Deerfield Fly Shop

As a reminder we are rapidly approaching the time to renew our individual membership. For individuals that are looking to join the club the membership dues are $20.00 a year. The annual renewal date for the 2022-2023 season is March 31, 2023.

Fly Tying Demo:

Dan Trela will be demonstrating how to tie the following fly’s at our meeting on Monday night before the scheduled meeting.

Thanks Dan!

Hook – gamagatshu c12 BM 26.28,30
Thread -8/0 black uni
Tail- midge pearl krystal flash
Body – black uni thread
Wing – natural snowshoe rabbit
Thread – tan mono-cord or any heavy tying thread like UTC 140
Hook- 2 xl nymph hook 10 or 8
Body- 2 mm tan foam  and 2 mm brown foam Cut width to hook gap.
Wing -white macrame yarn
Legs – speckled sili legs
Thread- hot orange 8/0 uni
Hook- standard nymph hook size 16
Bead;- 1/16 fl. orange bead
Covert – med pearl tinsel
Body- dun (grey)  ostrich herl