December 2020 Meeting Notice


We all realize that 2020 is going down as a sad, crazy, and “hectic” year with some of us loosing family and friends to this crazy virus.  Plus, the constantly changing Virus related information, guidance and rules that keep us from living normal lives with freedom of mobility, freedom to gather, Freedom of choice, etc.  These restrictions have directly affected our club members and our club organization.  Even when we did attempt to legally restart our meetings, the attendance was never over 16 members.  Many of us have not seen each other for almost one year!  This has created a negative impact in our membership. Currently we have a total of 24 out of the 62 members who are “In Good Standing” (current dues paid, membership card with an expiration date of March 2021). 

The WMFF club Board of Directors held an emergency meeting to address the current and future mandatory changes of the Massachusetts COVID Virus restrictions on our ability to conduct club meetings and group activities.  These restrictions directly affect our ability to conduct meetings, Fly Tying Classes and possibly, the March EXPO.  The changes also impact many other organizations like the Ludlow Elks Club where we conduct our activities.  The WMFF Board of Directors decided to approve two opportunities for our members.

  1. All members currently in Good Standing during 2020 will be issued new Membership cards upon return of the old card with no new fee for the new cards that will expire in March of 2022.
  2. Granted an extension to all the members who were not able to update their membership in WMFF by the March 2020 renewal deadline, to do so by March 2021 ($20.00).  The new expiration date will be March 2022.

November 2020 Meeting Minutes: 

*Potential for more COVID changes down the road impacting our meetings such as, sign in log, RSVPs via email or telephone for snail mail users, attendance limits, currently we social distance, wear masks, and sanitize our hands and multi us items.

*Thanks to Dan for demonstrating some nice looking flies.

*Thank you also to Tom Panaccione for an excellent presentation on his African Safari and all the terrific photos

*There were many multiple raffle winners!  14 members, 36 items!!

We miss you, the comradery, and staying connected while sharing the passion of our sport/hobby/craft!

We are looking at the upcoming MARCH EXPO 2021 as our target date to hold the event and as the start date to conduct our meetings.  Please consider signing up for club leadership positions.  This will promote continuity, growth and variety for our club.  If you are interested, please let one of the officers know.

Field Notes To & From Our Local Fly Fishers:

FROSTBITE and Hypothermia alert!  Please remember to cover bare skin during these low temperature days. Try to stay dry and stay warm.  It doesn’t take long for frostbite or hypothermia to set in! 

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