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Fly Tying Classes – 2023

We had 21 students at our class last week. It is not too late to come to this weeks class! If you are interested you are more than welcome to join the group!


Fly Pattern: March Brown (Dry)

March Brown Dry
Hook Mustad 94840  sizes 10 – 18 or Lightning Strike YDF1-12 -16
TailDark ginger hackle
BodyTan fox or tan dubbing
WingWood duck flank feather fibers
HackleDark ginger and grizzly mix

YouTube link to March Brown Dry Fly


Fly Pattern: Elk Hair Caddis

Elk Hair Caddis
Hook Mustad 94840  sizes 10 – 18 or Lightning Strike YDF1-10 
BodyGinger/olive dubbing (tan, used in class)
RibGold wire revers wrapped
WingElk hair
HeadElk hair butts clipped short

YouTube link to the Elk Hair Caddis


Fly Pattern: Black Ghost

Hook Mustad 79580  sizes 2 – 12 or Lightning Strike YST5-06 or 08 or 10
TailYellow hackle barbules
RibFlat silver tinsel
BodyBlack wool or floss
ThroatYellow hackle barbules
WingWhite saddle hackle or white marabou
CheekJungle cock (optional)

YouTube link to the Black Ghost


Fly Pattern: Gray Ghost

Gray Ghost
Hook Mustad 9672  sizes 2 – 12 or Lightning Strike YST5-06 or 08
Tip or TagFlat silver tinsel
BodyBurnt orange tinsel
RibFlat silver tinsel
Throata)  4 or 5 Strands of of peacock herl
b) Sparse white buck tail
c) Short golden pheasant crest
Under wing2 Gray saddle hackles
There is an underwing of Gold Pheasant Crest extending to the bend of the hook.
CheekJungle cock

YouTube link to Gray Ghost part 1

YouTube kink to Gray Ghost part 2


Fly Pattern: Mickey Finn

Mickey Finn
Hook 4X-strong streamer hook (here, a Dai-Riki #700), sizes 4 to 14
ThreadBlack, 8/0 or 70-denier
RibOval silver tinsel, medium
BodyFlat Silver tinsel
Lower wingYellow fish hair
Mid wingRed bucktail, cleaned and stacked
Upper wingYellow bucktail, cleaned and stacked
HeadTying thread
ShoulderSilver pheasant body feather

YouTube Link:


Fly Pattern: Hornberg

Hook Mustad 9671  sizes 6 – 16 or Lightning Strike YSN-08 or 10
BodyFlat silver tinsel 2/3rds of hook shank
Under wingYellow fish hair, (optional second layer red buck tail same length in yellow)
Side wingsMallard flank feather 1/2″ past hook bend
Cheek Jungle cock (options)
HackleBrown and Grizzly mix

YouTube Link:


Fly Pattern: Muddler Minnow

Muddler Minnow
Hook Mustad 9672 sizes 1/0 – 14
TailMottled turkey quill sections
BodyFlat gold tinsel 2/3rds of body
Under wingGray squirrel tail to half turkey tail length
Over wing Mottled turkey quill sections to half turkey tail length
HeadSpun deer hair
First bunch, tips pointing back butts clipped short
second bunch, tips and butts clipped short
Third, same as second bunch till head is formed

YouTube Link:


Fly Pattern: Deer Hair Nymph

Deer Hair Nymph
Hook Mustad 3906B
BodySpun deer hair (Clipped to form  a torpedo shape)

YouTube Demo:


Fly Pattern: Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear Nymph

Gold Ribbed Hares Ear

Here is a link to YouTube for a tying demo of the Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear Nymph.

Hook Mustad 3906B sizes 6 – 18 or Lightning Strike YNW3-10
TailMallard flank feather – dyed wood duck
BodyBlended rabbit (Natural)
RibbingGold oval tinsel
Wing caseWood duck flank – dyed wood duck
LegsHare’s mask tied as collar (Loop method)