Monday April 19, 2021 Meeting Notice


First, we hope that you all survived this immense ordeal in good health and spirit.  Many of us are still adjusting to the new environment, whereby we have all gone “viral” with all the changes in our lives.  Restrictions have been reduced to allow groups to gather with limits of 40% of the facility’s capacity.  Our max club meeting attendance has stayed at 30 members/guests.  The Elks Club hall accommodates several hundred people.  Therefore, we fall way under the 40% limit.  ALL COVID MEASURES ARE STILL IN AFFECT DURING OUR GATHERING!  Masks, attendance register, hand sanitizer, and social distancing.

We will conduct our club meeting at 7:00 pm beginning with the Fly-Tying Demo portion of the meeting. Located at the Ludlow Elks Club, 69 Chapin Street in Ludlow MA.  We miss gathering as a group of people who love this sport/hobby/passion and love sharing experiences, knowledge’ and support of our fishing environment for all to enjoy.  See you at the meeting.

Meeting Minutes:

Our last meeting was during the Fall when we got together in the Pavilion.

Treasurer’s report will be available at the meeting.  See Don Vacon.

Fly Tying Demo: 

Dan will be demonstrating how to tie the following fly’s at our meeting on Monday night beginning before the scheduled meeting.  Thank you, Dan for tying some terrific flies and describing their unique features and “fishability”!

Hook -standard dry 12-18
Thread- 6/0 uni black
Body Peacock Herl
Wing short and fine deer hair or elk.
Hackle grizzly
Hook – standard dry 12-16
Thread- 6/0 uni black
Body – Nat. dun CDC feather
Wing – short fine deer hair or elk.
Hook – standard dry
Body – thread your choice. tan, olive, black , grey
Wing – Nat. cdv  feather

TIPS: When tying the CDC and deer hair caddis on a size 14-16 hook select a CDC feather about 1 1/4 inch long. Tie it in over the hook barb and twist the feather into a rope. Wrap the CDC to form the body at about the 3/4 point wrap the feather as a hackle.  Then tie in the deer hair or elk. Short and fine deer hair is distributed by Wapsi and is available at fly shops.

Guest Speaker: None scheduled.  If you know of someone, please contact Harold Norman.

Field Notes From Our Local Fly Fishers: Be careful if you venture out on the ice, some spots are not as safe as they look!  The Swift is seeing some good activity!

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