Monday February 21, 2022, meeting notice

It is now February 2022 and we are still dealing with Covid and it’s two variants Delta and Omicron. We will still have to adhere to the current Virus Practices. masks, distance, sanitizer etc. or whatever they may be at the time of the meeting or what ever is your comfort level. We will be conducting our February meeting at 7:00 pm right after the Fly-Tying Demo, at the Ludlow Elks Club, 69 Chapin Street in Ludlow MA.

We are rapidly approaching the time to renew our individual membership.

 As we all know due to Covid membership renewals were suspended until March of 2022. Please note if you would like to renew your membership by mail or would like to join the club you can email me at and I will email you back the form. If you prefer to renew in person fill out the form and bring to the next meeting.

There was a Bord of Directors Meeting held at the end of the regular meeting. A discussion was made by all directors and officers present that the March Fly Fishing Expo will be moved to April 18th, 2022.

It was also decided to monitor COVID activity to possibly postpone to a later date or to cancel.

Currently we do not have guest speaker for this meeting. In lieu of a guest speaker we will be presenting the documentary “Trout Grass”. This is the story of Bamboo and its journey from China and the process of turning it into a fly rod.

Hope to see many of you at this coming meeting.

Fly Tying Demo:

 Dan will be demonstrating how to tie the following fly’s at our meeting on Monday night before the scheduled meeting. 

(6:30) Thanks Dan.

Hook – Jig hook any size
Bead – black size to match hook size
Thread- Black uni 6/0
Tail- Cock de leon fibers
Body – black thread
Rib – sulky silver thread
Hot spot – Fl. pink thread
Hook – TMC 200 or Daichi 1270 york bend 3 XL
Thread – black 6/0 uni
Tail – deer or elk body hair dyed black
Body – black dubbing
Rib – black hackle ribbed with silver wire
Wing – deer or elk body dyed black
Thorax – black dubbing
Hackle – grizzly
Hook- Curved shank grub hook.  1X heavy
Body – Nat. beaver
Wing – 3-4 natural CDC feathers

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