No Club Meetings Until September 21, 2020

Due to the affect and impact of the current Corona Virus epidemic, we along with many other groups and organizations cannot gather in large groups until the state revises their group meeting restrictions.  We will stay tuned for any changes to these restrictions and notify all the members when things begin to get back to normal.

Due to these circumstances, our April and May meetings and our cookout are all cancelled.  I will miss enjoying our outing and I miss our meetings as well.  Just another lesson for me NOT to take things for granted because we never know when they will be gone!

Membership status:  Normally we all renew our club memberships in March, usually at the March EXPO.  Due to the current situation, all memberships are in the GRACE period.  No one will lose their membership.  If you want to send your dues by mail, the address 146 Old Enfield Road, Belchertown, MA 01007.  If you want to wait until we meet again, that should be fine as well but the decision/agreement has to be made by the Board Of Directors.

Our President (Harold), wishes everyone a great summer, and looks forward to gathering together in September.

Please be careful and mindful of your environment whenever you are in a public place, and do stay safe.

He also recommends fly fishing as a great therapy for times of stress and anxiety!  I feel better just thinking about it!  Thanks Harold.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please email me at, call me at 603-305-5301, or snail mail at the address listed above.  I have shut down my Face-Book and Messenger accounts due to a hacking problem so you won’t find me there.

Best regards,

Gil DaCosta

Harry Potter was spotted at the Scantic river in Enfield. He put quite the spell on this rainbow!

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